Our dogs are in high demand by the worlds top athletes due to the muscle and overall look of our dogs. If  you are looking for the biggest most correct bully XL pit bulls you have come to the right place.  Home to the legendary BGK’s Tank BGK’s ROCK grandson, one of the biggest more correct pit bulls alive today.  He sits at 170 lbs of muscle with looks that most would kill for.  We have taken the Hulk blood and made it better, bigger and stronger..


Our dogs here not only are the biggest and best built dogs on the planet but also have the best temperament due to the fact they are all raised with the family and are around people, small children and other dogs right from the start.  Located in NY we are one of the top quality dog breeding in the world and our dogs and bloodlines are second to none.  If you want the best pet money can buy you came to the right place or if you are looking to start or add to your current breeding program our dogs produce producers.  Adding our blood will add that size and look you want to add to take your kennel to the next level in this game.

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